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Sustainability Policy

Cosgrove Painting is committed to promoting sustainability. Concern for the environment and promoting a broader sustainability agenda are integral to Cosgrove Painting’s professional activities and the management of the organisation. We aim to follow and to promote good sustainability practice, to reduce the environmental impacts of all our activities and to help our clients and partners to do the same.

Our Sustainability Policy will enable us to provide high quality services which meet our client and customers’ expectations whilst impacting as little as possible on the environment. To deliver this we will focus on three key areas.



  • Identifying areas of highest energy consumption and reducing consumption in these areas.

  • Ensuring all electrical resources are switched off, or to standby when not in use.

  • Ensuring all existing equipment is maintained and serviced regularly to ensure efficient operation.

  • Working with staff to identify resource saving practices, such as lowering heating or cooling temperatures.

  • Replacing older equipment with more energy efficient alternatives where appropriate.

  • Reducing printing volumes and the amount of paper used.

  • Recycling printer cartridges.

  • Recycling glass, paper, metal and plastics where appropriate.

  • Recycling materials used throughout the companies projects and contracts in liaison with the suppliers and clients.

  • Developing a water management programme.

  • Introducing an electronic invoicing system to reduce paper use.

  • Encouraging staff to reduce their environmental impacts in work, travelling to and from work and at home.



  • Ensuring compliance with relevant policies and legislation.

  • Building relationships with clients to maximise value, minimise costs and waste.

  • Ensuring complaints are dealt with promptly to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction.



  • Encouraging all employees to consider sustainability at home as well as in work.

  • Developing Diversity and Equal Opportunities polices.

  • Encouraging local young people into the trade by offering apprenticeships.

  • Partaking in social charity work.

  • Developing staff potential through training.

  • Actively enforcing a Health & Safety Policy.

  • Ensuring all new legislation is incorporated in our documents.

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